Sounds & Pressure Vol.4

Lloyd Parks - Mafia
Lloyd Parks - Mafia Version
The Flames - Zion
The Uniques - Out Of Love
Derrick Harriott - Slave (12 Version)
Mike Brooks - Rum Drinker / Version
Earl Sixteen - Malcolm X / Version
Prince Far I - Clean Hands Pure Heart
Dances Are Changing (Version)

Lloyd Parks - Mafia & Mafia (Version)
We're not really dealing with organised crime here but reggae always has been "this thing of ours". Unfortunately for the music everyone involved only got the respect and not a lot of money or the power. Lloyd Parks' We The People band were one of the most in demand session teams of their time and I remember catching them supporting Dennis Brown where their warm up performance, culminating in a blistering version of 'Mafia', was so mesmerising it almost didn't matter whether Dennis turned up or not. He did by the way! 'Mafia' was originally released on Lloyd's own Parks and Underworld labels.

The Flames - Zion
A typical piece of Lee Perry studio wizardry underpins the Flames' celebration of Zion where the simplicity and directness of the lyrics serves only to strengthen their conviction. featured on the 'Produced & Directed Bt The Upsetter' release.

The Uniques - Out Of Love
What more can be said about the Uniques? Slim Smith's art was to put his life into his work and it's a shame that it was so desperately short. His hymn of self pity 'Out Of Love' is one of his best loved songs where he manages to not only communicate to the listeners how bad things are but to also make them care about it. From the near perfect 'Watch This Sound' set.

Derrick Harriott - Slave (12" Version)
As showcased on 'Riding The Roots Chariot' - a look at some of Derrick Harriott's rootsier productions - and, as Derrick himself recalls "Slave was a big thing then!" when sound systems would run cut upon cut of this tune. A firm favourite with King Tubby's Home Town Hi Fi it demonstrates Derrick's approach perfectly -  you don't need to batter down the door to get the message home.

Mike Brooks - Rum Drinker & Rum Drinker (Version)
And while we're on the subject of sound system competition, Mike Brooks' stinging insult to wayward parents was run regularly by sounds when first released to disrespect the opposition. Straight to their head. Recorded in 1975 at Channel One featuring Sly Dunbar (who else?) who all but drowns out Duggie, Ranchie and Ansel Collins in his enthusiasm. Produced by Mike Brooks this originally appeared on his own Harvest label.

Earl Sixteen - Malcolm X & Malcolm X (Version)
Earl recorded this Winston McAnuff song twice which was written long before the Spike lee inspired glut of Malcolm X tributes demonstrating a keen political awareness and insight. He did the song for Joe Gibbs (and so too did Dennis Brown on his epochal 'Visions Of Dennis Brown' album) but the version featured here is from that man Derrick Harriott again with a pounding drum driven rhythm from the Crystalites. Earl Sixteen has continued to make music that matters into the nineties proving that his precocious talent was no flash in the pan.

Prince Far I - Clean Hands Pure Heart
It wouldn't be a Pressure Sounds Sampler without a Prince Far I track would it? His links with On U Sounds stretch back to nineteen longtime and we're always pleased and proud to present his work to an ever growing coterie of admirers. A man who actually lived by the rules of righteousness that he preached, this rockstone beauty is taken from 'Health & strength'.

Dances Are Changing (Version)
The legendary 'General' rhythm, one of the cornerstones of the dancehall era, was originated like so many others down on Brentford Road in the nineteen sixties. The culprits this time were The Heptones with their beautiful 'Love Me Girl' and Leroy Sible's inimitable bass line laid the foundation for the Mighty Diamonds' Channel One version years afterwards. As ever with reggae music we're presented with the best of all periods in the meltdown with one criss Clarks bootee shod foot rooted firmly in the past with the other busy skanking towards the nineties. Lifted  from 'When The Dances Were Changing' Hit Bound collection.

Harry Hawke

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